Misogyny, Sexualisation & Popular Music

Music should be expressive. It is a creative outlet that allows topics to be discussed and raise awareness for issues in a unique way. However more and more we’re seeing a worrying trend of misogynist lyrics, and music videos featuring the degradation of women as they are overly sexualised and used as nothing more than props. The last few years has seen artists such as Robin Thicke creating songs that accept rape culture, and perpetuate the idea of ‘blurred lines’. In 2013 these lyrics should not be so widely accepted by the public as songs that are clearly misogynist in nature continue to climb the charts. The goal of this blog is raise awareness of how damaging the acceptance of music like this can be to the fight for equality, and how it can negatively influence the way society sees women, and perpetuates rape culture. This type of music should not be so easily accepted. We’re here to start the conversation to shift the culture.


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