Shit people say to female musicians

recent HuffPost blog entry by Steph Guthrie has shined a light on crappy things men say to women who play music. A post pocked by tens of contributions by female musicians on Twitter, Guthrie’s piece shows that sexism in the industry is still wide awake and teething. 

The comments range from “Girl bassists are hot.” and ”Oh, you’re IN the band!” all the way to ”You must’ve dated at least half your band.”

For those who would like to suggest that women are not facing prejudice in the music biz, we’d like you to think again. 

“You should specialize. People don’t like girls who do too much,” is a cringeworthy example of women being told they must be appealing as females in order to have a decent audience. If people like Sinead O’Connor, Amanda Palmer, Dolores from the Cranberries and countless other multitalented women can’t convince society that there is an enthusiastic following for women who DON’T “Just shut up, smile and sing, honey,” that’s a really big problem. 

Steph Guthrie’s personal website contains so many more jewels dealing with feminism, music, politics and technology. 

Do you think these comments are sexist? Are you offended by the lack of respect women receive in the music industry? Do you think we’re overreacting? 


2 thoughts on “Shit people say to female musicians

  1. Leanora Collett

    I totally agree with this, it’s astounding how little respect is given to women in the musical industry. I find a really big issue with songs objectifying or idolising women for only their ass or their breasts. The songs are outrageous and i’m sure it is also apparent in the work place.

    Women should be idolised for their features, sure, but there should also be value in their presence in society, how great women are.

    If you look at songs written by females, they would portray themselves as successful and in a number of cases sexy, but it is less likely that you would here them idolising just their ass. Look at the recent song “I don’t believe it” which is all about white girls having a great ass. Chuck in a little racism and body objectification and you have a smash hit. Off the top of my head, the only women I can think of who regularly show off their sex appeal are Fergi from Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. Honestly, I can’t deal with all the sexiness in her trunk. Even the term ‘trunk’ for ass! It’s endless.

    I suggest having a whole article on terms that are adorned to women in music!

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