Pick of the Parody Videos

What if men were treated the women are in music videos? Women are paraded around as play things, seen as body parts, and blatantly over sexualised and objectified. As mentioned in a previous post parody videos are a great way to get the message that misogyny in music is not okay. I’ve already shared the amazing video by a New Zealand law revue group parodying the song ‘Blurred Lines’. With lyrics like:

‘We ain’t good girls/ We are scholastic,
Smart and sarcastic/ Not fucking plastic.
Listen mankind! / If you wanna get nasty,
Just don’t harass me: You can’t just grab me/That’s a sex crime!’

The group has cleverly changed the lyrics and elements of the music video to get their point across. With videos reaching 100,000s they are great way to spread the message of equality in a creative way. These are my pick of some great videos that show how effective a medium parody can be to get a message across to such a wide audience on YouTube, and other outlets.

These videos show that messages of equality can be powerful in the form of parody:

Using Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, this parody video created by the Women’s Party honours the women that fought for the right to vote in 1920 in the USA.

Taking off Taylor Swift’s 22, this video has over 150,000 views on YouTube. The MS Foundation for women used this as an outlet to express their frustration at the 22 men who voted against a violence against women bill in the U.S.A senate.

Any other great parody videos that fight for equality that you know of?

Do you think it’s an effective way to reach a large audience with your message?

Love to hear your thoughts!






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