The Coercion of Charlotte Church

One way I know that fighting sexism in music is necessary is by searching for the term “sexist music”. Every day there’s something new. And every day there’s something actually classed as “news”. 

The most recent of these is a story about Charlotte Church, a Welsh singer whose attack on sexism in the music industry over national radio made headlines yesterday. 

Having experienced coercion from male label bosses to wear revealing clothing and act in a sexually demonstrative way, she is angry about women being forced to show their sexuality as “a prize to be won” and a toy. 

She said her “history” in music videos has almost certainly limited her ability to market her music in certain areas where it would probably be best received. 

She also said her performances and appearances led to internet and social media harassment, seeing her called “slut”, “whore” and a “catalogue of other indignities”. 

This is a common phenomena, where women are both forced into taking their clothes off for music footage and performances, while simultaneously being vilified for it by viewers. 

She said the backlash against Miley Cyrus is a good example. 

What do you think? Promiscuity in video clips – liberating or limiting?


3 thoughts on “The Coercion of Charlotte Church

  1. kittygotclaws1

    You could easily argue either way, but ultimately third wave feminism is about choice, so it just depends if the person involved is comfortable in being sexual and revealing, and if so, good on them 🙂 if not, then they should stand up against anyone trying to force them to do something they are not comfortable with.

    1. Rocheen

      I definitely agree! Women can be sexy in music as long as it’s being true to themselves, and not some sort of male fantasy that is created for them by music execs. I feel like sadly a lot of them are convinced into situations they aren’t comfortable with because the record executives tell them it will sell music and make them famous. I think this is especially true of the girls who hit it big in their teens like Gabriella Climi & Charlotte Church.

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