Sex, Power, and Music

Warning: lyrics and content may offend.

This is a compilation of lyrics I’ve taken from various artists on the current Billboard hottest 100 chart. It’s all about sex, power, and objectification. As far as I can gather women are ‘bitches’, ‘hoes’, and are just there to, excuse my crude language, shake it, suck it, or snort it. Women are portrayed graphically as sex objects to be used and then left. They are called derogatory names like hoes, and are mostly seen as the less powerful sex. Their appearance is commented on constantly especially in a sexual manner.

Yes I know women objectify themselves. Yes I know that Britney Spears has a song in the charts titled Work B**ch. Yes I know that sex is a massive part of the industry because it sells. Yes I know that this represents a select songs out of the list. Yes I’m sure I’ll get called prudish (again) in the comments section. But is it so wrong to expect better out of male artists in 2013?

What do you think of the lyrics?



4 thoughts on “Sex, Power, and Music

  1. Tame the Temper

    It’s pretty insane how normalised this sort of language is in mainstream (especially pop and rap/R&B) lyrics. Especially since this is the music kids group up listening to, learning the lyrics to, etc – this can only mean negative things for what we perceive to be standard and acceptable behaviour.

  2. thinkofthechildren2013

    It’s so bad. I wouldn’t say most of the stuff we hear on the radio now in standard conversations. Even in less-than-standard conversations, it’s pretty shocking. It’s so demeaning and there is so much sex. I agree with Live Music 4 ever, what happened to songs with a melody and a story?
    On the subject this must be my favourite parody of all time. These girls are geniuses and their statement is so effective. It is th exact opposite of Thicke’s video.

  3. Bewisesanitize

    I’m going to be honest, I have listened to/listen to a lot of songs with lyrics like this, and I never actually considered how degrading it was. It sounds stupid to say, but honestly it’s become to integrated into our everyday life that it was never something I consciously considered to be degrading, even though intellectually I knew it was. Definitely something to think about now!


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