Sexist Lyrics Make Better Equality Slogans

Let’s change sexist lyrics!

(Enter Empowering Slogan Here)
‘You Know You Want It’

Got your own idea for a slogan about fighting sexist music or equality? Post it in the comments section and I’ll make it into a poster!



2 thoughts on “Sexist Lyrics Make Better Equality Slogans

  1. kittygotclaws1

    I don’t have any ideas for an equality slogan of the top of my head, but this reminds me of a post I’ve seen before saying

    “Drake is probably playing GTA V right now picking up prostitutes and driving them to safer cities”

    Which is a good example of using humor to point out how ridiculously violent and sexist a medium can be (in this case, GTA5) and how being ‘nice’ is so rare it sounds ridiculous! I admit though, I did laugh when I read this the first time.


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