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Sex, Power, and Music

Warning: lyrics and content may offend.

This is a compilation of lyrics I’ve taken from various artists on the current Billboard hottest 100 chart. It’s all about sex, power, and objectification. As far as I can gather women are ‘bitches’, ‘hoes’, and are just there to, excuse my crude language, shake it, suck it, or snort it. Women are portrayed graphically as sex objects to be used and then left. They are called derogatory names like hoes, and are mostly seen as the less powerful sex. Their appearance is commented on constantly especially in a sexual manner.

Yes I know women objectify themselves. Yes I know that Britney Spears has a song in the charts titled Work B**ch. Yes I know that sex is a massive part of the industry because it sells. Yes I know that this represents a select songs out of the list. Yes I’m sure I’ll get called prudish (again) in the comments section. But is it so wrong to expect better out of male artists in 2013?

What do you think of the lyrics?



It’s Not a Love Song, It’s Sexual Assault

Let’s talk love songs, and songs about relationships. There are some songs that might be mistaken as being romantic music about unrequited love, however when you actually listen to the lyrics they have alarming undertones of sexual assault and domestic abuse. You listen to it twice and realise that the song is about a poor girl being stalked, or about some poor girl with a boyfriend hell-bent on conforming to gender stereotypes to the point that he makes degrading comments about her. These songs aren’t limited by genre either, here is a list of songs that I feel have sexist and violent undertones, and perpetuate ideas that stalking and sexual assault are acceptable because it’s ‘love’.

Warning: Some content may offend.


Nickelback- Follow You Home

‘You can slap me in the face/You can scream profanity
Leave me here to die alone but/I’ll still follow you home’

So basically the female in this song doesn’t want the male to keep harassing her, but he keeps persevering. The song goes on to say that she can yell at him, swear, put a bounty on his head, kill him etc. and he will still follow her home. It’s creepy, and perpetuating the idea that if a male keep harassing and stalking a female then he will have her eventually. She’s not playing hard to get when she takes out a restraining order or tries to kill you she’s that scared.


Brad Paisley ‘I’m Still A Guy’

‘But when you say a back rub means only a back rub/ Then you swat my hand when I try
Well, now what can I say at the end of the day/Honey, I’m still a guy’

Apart from all the grossly exaggerated gender stereotypes this song feeds into I find the words ‘but when you say a backrub is just a backrub and swat my hand when I try’ the most alarming lyrics of this song as it has undertones of sexual assault. That and he called the female love interests dog a sissie, and is feeding into traditional masculinity through clearly showing his ideas of a ‘real man’. He perpetuates the idea that males are the dominant gender and, to him, a male doing anything he considers feminine is equivalent to removing his testicles. It is reinforcing gender stereotypes and shows women as weak, unimportant, and manipulative.


Cobra Starship- It’s Warmer In The Basement

‘This is what you get/When you’re talking back baby
I never bounce a check/So give it up, baby
Open up your eyes/I want to watch you cry… No one hears you in this room’

Another incredibly creepy ‘love’ song about a male who has a female love interest trapped in the basement. The dissonance between the upbeat music and the torture, sexual assault, and kidnap style lyrics is astounding. In this song the male sings about how no one will hear her cries as he has her trapped. It also has incredibly violent disturbing undertones about how he is filming her pleas, and that locking her up was some sort of punishment for talking back to him.

What do you think of these lyrics?

Any more to add to the list?


It’s not just rap

Why don’t pop and indie get slammed in the media like rap does? Why are boys allowed to fantasize about rape and allowed to tell girls they’ll “never stop trying” in other genres of music? It’s a poorly disguised form of racism. Predominantly black genres are criticized while the rest are excused or just ignored.

Robin Thicke recently copped heaps for his Blurred Lines – and rightly so – but as he was one of the first white men to really get called out on this publicly in recent history, we don’t think it’s enough. 

Pink Floyd’s song: Don’t Leave Me Now reeks of misogyny. 

Don’t leave me now.
How could you go?
When you know how I need you 
To beat to a pulp on a Saturday night

Waters promised his fans that the lyrics had nothing to do with his personal life and that his relationship with his real ex-wife were “much more cordial”. This seemed to satisfy the public.

The Kooks Jackie Big Tits is appallingly misogynistic. 

Jackie Big Tits, is hiding in the corner
Respect is the word she shouts, as I implore her
Speaks her mind not me, cause I was only speaking freely
Interrupt me once more, I’ll take you to the cleaners

The pattern of misogyny in indie rock, pop and country music being ignored and allowed by society just perpetuates the problem, and the preoccupation with rap’s sexism has caused the issue to become racist as well. 

In order to fix the problem, we need to hold white artists to account just as much as any other.

Don’t let racism define sexism.


– Lily